You are currently viewing Introducing Acme Pawn’s New Website & Blog!

Introducing Acme Pawn’s New Website & Blog!

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Introducing Acme Pawn’s New Website & Blog

Follow our blog for the latest Acme Pawn news, sales and specials, inventory updates, and more. 

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Welcome to Acme Pawn’s new website! We’d love for you to take a look around and learn more about us, our pawn services, and the merchandise we carry in our stores. If you are new to pawn shops, check out Pawn 101 and our FAQ page where we educate you about the pawn business and answer the most frequently asked questions about pawn loans.

Acme Pawn is a family owned business that has been serving Colorado Springs since 1976. With five convenient locations to choose from, we invite you to come on in and check out what you can find. Our staff is friendly and professional with expert knowledge in a variety of merchandise.

Love a good bargain? One of our goals for the new website is the addition of a blog. Our blog now allows us to keep our customers and followers informed on new and featured items, sales, gift ideas and other interesting tidbits about merch that we carry. So follow our blog to see what’s up at Acme Pawn! 

Hey power shoppers! We now have more ways than ever to connect and stay in the know with Acme Pawn. 

  • Follow us on Facebook and join the conversation! Had a good experience? Leave us a great review- we really appreciate the love.
  • Check us out on Instagram. We will be posting new products and more here.
  • Subscribe to our mailing list! Scroll to the bottom of any page to sign up and get first dibs on sales and one-of-a-kind-goods, along with the latest news from our Pawn Shops and the pawn industry.  Acme Pawn Shop list subscribers receive exclusive offers and updates on new and upcoming merchandise.  
  • Follow our blog for the latest news, deals and inventory updates. 

“The only difference between new and used jewelry is the price.”

Something old, something new- what's the difference? Shop for diamond rings, wedding sets, and more at Acme Pawn. Your new favorite Jewelry Store.

It’s wedding season and time to begin shopping all the jewelry stores. If you’ve never thought of us as a Jewelry Store, well, YOU’RE OVERPAYING! Come on down to find great deals on diamond rings, wedding sets,  birthstone jewelry and gifts- what about groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts? Acme has them covered too.

Don’t forget about Mother’s Day Gifts and graduations! Spring is a great time for shopping at Acme Pawn! You’ll find a selection of used designer jewelry, brand name watches, wedding and engagement rings, and gifts for just about any occasion. 

The only difference between new and used jewelry is the price. In fact, jewelers shop for stones with us regularly! Did you know the average mark up on a diamond ring at one of your favorite big-box stores is 300 %?? Do you seriously want to get LESS for your hard earned money? We didn’t think so either. Our higher end diamond rings come with an appraisal. No, you won’t pay the appraisal value price. That’s the replacement value and retail price. Our Pawn Shops start at HALF of that value. No, our appraisals are not inflated. We use a local GIA certified jeweler in the city to appraise our jewelry honestly and fairly.  So when it comes to getting that dream ring for the love of your life, check us out first. Get twice the diamond ring with “3 months salary.” 

Now is the time to level-up! Trade your jewelry for something else! Wait a minute…You don’t have to trade jewelry for jewelry! In other words, you can trade electronics, instruments, guns, even a car toward that diamond engagement ring, or anything else!  Doesn’t it feel great having flexibility in how you buy goods. Try that at Target. We look forward to seeing you soon!