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Due to variables of each item, including age, condition, model, etc. Acme Pawn does not give quotes over the phone. Please bring your item(s) in to any location for a cash offer.

Don’t worry, Only YOU can redeem your items with your ID. A pawn ticket alone does not give permission to redeem someone else’s items.

If you have a question or concern about an existing loan or need to make a payment- call or visit the store where the loan was originated. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page for location addresses and phone numbers.

While your valued items are in pawn, they go into secured storage until your item is redeemed.

Your loan renews monthly when you pay the service fee, so the length of time of  your pawn is indefinite. Don’t forget to make your monthly payment.

If you’re late on a payment by more than 10 days, your pawn will be defaulted and we may pull it for resale to make good on the loan. You can always check with the store to see if it is still available for purchase. Many times, the item has been put out for sale or sold depending on how long it’s been.

Customers receive a portion of the item’s retail value. Remember, the pawnbroker is loaning money on the item, not buying it. The pawnbroker must consider the cost of storage, security and future demand for the item, along with the resale value if the loan is not repaid.

A service fee is charged to issue a pawn loan. The service fee is a percentage of the over all loan. Each month, a service fee is charged to renew your loan. For example, if you received a $50 loan amount, the service fee is $10, so it will be $60 to redeem your item. If you aren’t ready to repay the loan in full, but want to keep your item in pawn, you can renew your loan monthly for just the cost of the service fee.

Defaulting on a loan can never affect consumers’ credit scores. Because the loan is based on collateral—that is, an actual piece of property—the loan is considered paid in full when the item is handed over to the pawnbroker.

YES! An extra step is required upon redeeming your gun.

A CBI background check and fee is required at the time of redemption per Colorado law. 

This fee is separate from the service fee of the loan.

Be prepared to leave your car, truck, Boat, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, etc. Your vehicle will be stored at a secure location. A clear title in your name will be necessary. If there is a joint owner, They will need to be present with Identification as well. 

Please see out Auto Pawn section for more details

Absolutely! You can pay down your loan as often as you like. This will also reduce the amount of your service fee. Generally, our customers pay down the loan each month during the renewal period.

Yes. We will still inspect to make sure it is the same item. With certain items, such as electronics, the loan amount may change due to the fast depreciation that goes along with it.

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Customer Reviews

I have been coming to acme with my mom since i was 17, At the age of 36 I still am. These guys are great, we have bought multiple gun, we have bought lots of movies and game systems they have never done us wrong thank you guys.
Shilo Marie Hale
Location: Acme Pawn Original

Diamond Dave was awesome. Made for a very good experience. Great customer service!! Highly recommend!
Carly W.
Location: Acme Pawn North
Very knowledgeable staff! Great experience from start to finish. Was able to find the perfect gift for my husband. I definitely recommend checking this shop out.
Laura Hairhoger
Location: Acme Pawn V