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Acme Pawn Shop each have gun departments with different inventory. You can easily shop each gun store in Colorado Springs online, and know where to go and complete your firearms purchase locally, or have it shipped to another Colorado FFL Dealer if you like.

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FFL Transfers - Only $20 -

FFL Transfers at Acme are only $20.00 and that’s INCLUDING the cost of the CBI Background check. 

Just a friendly reminder that private gun sales law in Colorado require a CBI background check through a licensed FFL Dealer


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Best Selection of
New Guns for Sale
Colorado Springs

Not everyone wants a used gun, and that’s ok! Our gun stores have a large selection of brand new guns too. Each location has team members with plenty of personal gun experience. Our team Consists of experienced shooters whom compete currently or have competed in IPSC, IDPA,  are USPSA members, and the like former Military and/or Police. 

It’s important to find a gun that suits your needs. Whether you’re shopping for a gun for home defense, a rifle for hunting game, a shotgun for sport, etc. We’re here to help you select the right firearm for your needs. 

Largest Selection of
Used Guns for Sale
Colorado Springs

Acme Pawn has one of the largest selections of used guns for sale in Colorado Springs. We get our guns primarily from customers trading in their firearms towards something else. Sometimes they are traded toward an upgrade. Other times, they are trading towards something entirely different, such as jewelry or  electronics. We also buy guns for cash outright. There’s no need to trade if you’re not looking for anything else. There’s also some guns that have defaulted on their payments, although most customers redeem their goods.

Gun Ammo for Sale
Near You

Don’t forget about Ammo to go with your new gun purchase. It can be a real bummer when you have a new toy and you realized there’s no batteries. Well, guns aren’t so different, so load up while you’re here!

Gun Reloading Supplies for sale

Acme Pawn Original has a large selection of reloading equipment, including gun powder & gun primers.

Gun Accessories
for sale

We carry a large selection of gun accessories for sale including gun scopes, partial lowers, undermount lights, magazine kits, bi-pods, AR uppers and AR lowers, pistol carbine conversions, red dot scopes, gun holsters and gun cleaning kits.

How Do I Pawn my Gun? | Gun Pawn Near You | Pawn Your Gun for Cash

Gun Pawns are a fast way to get a cash loan- Acme Pawn will give you the cash you need with a gun pawn.

Bring your select firearm(s) UNLOADED to the location of your choice, Preferably in a gun case. A Team member will evaluate your firearm. Once your gun is evaluated by our staff, you will be given a cash offer for your gun. If you accept the cash loan offer for your gun, we can begin the loan process.

If you can answer YES to these questions, you are more than likely legally qualified to buy, sell, or get a loan on your gun:
First, do you own your gun?

Next, are you of the legal minimum age requirement to buy or sell a gun? For handguns, you must be 21 years old to redeem. For long guns, you must be at least 18 years old. 

Additionally, Do you have a valid form of government issued identification? A PHOTO ID is required.

Finally, are you able to pass a CBI background check in order to purchase a gun in Colorado? As with all gun sales and loans in Colorado, A CBI Background check and $15 fee is required before you can leave with your firearm.

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For Colorado Statutes regarding owning a gun, open carry laws, Concealed Handgun Permits, etc. You can take a look at the statutes on the Colorado CBI website

Maybe all your friends have been chanting Glock , but you find yourself not as comfortable with semi-automatic pistols. If you realize you're more at ease with a revolver, what's wrong with that?  Comfort and confidence with your handgun of choice should matter.