5 tips to get paid more for used tools at your local pawn shop

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  • Post last modified:June 28, 2018
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5 Tips to get more for used tools at your local pawn shop

Get more cash for your used power tools. 

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It can be a real pain to sell your used tools on your own. From spending hard earned time at the flea market, to Craigslist no-shows, you can spend a month trying to sell your own tools.

I don’t know about you, but personal time is important. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time with family, or enjoying the great outdoors Colorado has to offer instead of dealing with the hassles?

Don’t just load up all your unwanted tools garage-sale style and hope for the best. Here at Acme, We want to give you the best possible price on your gently used tools.


Here are 5 tips to get the most cash for your used tools at your local pawn shop (We hope that's us!)

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1. Clean your tools before you bring them in for a loan

It takes time to clean used tools. If you bring in a clean set of Dewalt power tools, for instance, we won’t have to spend time on the clock cleaning. It’s really not fun for us. Also, your used hand tools should be free of any rust and the handles should be in good shape.

2. Make sure all batteries are charged

If you bring in a tool with dead batteries, a couple things go through our minds. First, we can’t even test it and will have to decline. Second, we have to assume that the battery is bad and won’t hold a charge, also leading to declining buying or loaning on your tools.


3. Make sure all tools have their accessories

Hand tool sets that come in a box should be complete and have their accessories. Portable power tools sets with any extras are definitely a big bonus Including any extra blades that you may have stashed somewhere else in your garage that you won’t be needing anymore.

4. We buy up to date power tools and equipment

Once again, we need to be able to resell your item. Old tools don’t sell. with cordless power tools, they need to be current. We only buy portable power tools with the slender, lithium ion batteries. The old styles just don’t sell.

5. If you can't sell your used tools, please RECYCLE

5) This is not a sales tip, but is important. If you can’t resell your unwanted power tools, please recycle. Likely, your home store will recycle your outdated batteries at no cost to you.