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The Top Dollar Pawn Raid:What Customers Can Do to transfer their items

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  • Post last modified:July 8, 2022
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Top Dollar Pawn Raid: Beyond "stolen goods"

FBI, U.S. Marshalls, CSPD, and our local Pawn Detail Detective were involved in raiding Top Dollar Pawn Shops for “stolen goods.” While the headlines are based on stolen goods, in order for the FBI and US Marshalls to get involved, there has to be more to the story than meets the eye. The news has claimed alleged “racketeering” and “money laundering” along with the buying and selling of stolen goods at Top Dollar. We are disheartened that a Pawn Shop has used their business as a front for their alleged shady dealings that reach far beyond Colorado Springs. 

As more information on the story develops, and we all know more about the situation, we can chime in on our thoughts.

To the customers that have Pawns with Top Dollar Pawn

Many customers have already redeemed their items and started a new loan with one of our 4 locations. We understand that many customers simply cannot come up with the full amount of money to redeem an item, even if they can re-pawn it with us immediately. We want to help as many of you as possible. If you do not have the funds to redeem your item(s) in the first place, we will do everything we can to assist you. 

Contact us directly at or Call Us so we can try to find a way to transfer the loan.

Pawn Shop Regulations

Pawn Shops are heavily regulated and are required by law to list and document every item reported to Pawn Detail. We are then required to HOLD the items for another 30 days before selling the item. 

Who We Are : 3 Generations Strong

Frank (age 96) and Grandson David (The GM)

Since 1976

Acme Pawn Original was founded by Frank Frezza in 1976. Frank was a retired NYPD Homicide Detective. His 3 Sons helped in the growth of the shops, and you can find the third generation working in the shops today. That’s 3 generations of trust within the community. We also have had retired sheriff and veterans that work with us and we take pride in knowing we have established a high level of integrity in all our business dealings. This goes for most pawn shops, however, there is always a bad apple that taints the industry.  

Acme Pawn has a reputation for being honest, fair, and friendly.  Just because there’s one bad apple doesn’t mean the whole tree is infested. 

Come check us out, find some great deals, or get some quick cash if  you need it. We are a no judgement zone. From needing 5 bucks for gas, to helping a company make payroll, we are here to help the community by providing funds where others can’t, and we’ll always take pride in that 

The stigma of Pawn Shops and the People who run them in the eyes of Hollywood

pulp fiction pawn shopIt doesn’t help when movies only show slimy jerks buying jewelry from children (“My Sister’s Keeper”), or a slob selling a stolen fancy pen from a minor “Good Girls,” ….then there’s Pulp Fiction…let’s just not go there at all right now.