Colorado gun Laws:
How to buy and sell guns legally


Handgun Case in store

Colorado Gun Laws:
How to Buy and Sell Guns in Colorado Legally

Not sure how to buy a gun  in Colorado? Don’t fret, there are a few things you need to know to abide by Colorado Gun Laws. Buying your new firearm will be fairly simple if you’re a CO resident, you meet the age requirements, and are a law abiding citizen. For everything else, we’ll try to cover the variables.

Requirements to buy a Gun in Colorado

 AGE REQUIREMENTS for Handguns and long guns

PROOF OF RESIDENCY to buy a gun in Colorado

How to Buy a Firearm from a Gun Dealer in Colorado: the process

Colorado CBI Background Check Form 4473 

How to Buy a Firearm as a Private Sale: Legally sell your gun to someone else as a private seller

Buying a Gun as a gift: What’s allowed and what’s not – Who can you legally buy a gun as a gift when you do a background check 

Straw purchases: What is it and how to avoid losing your gun rights because of someone else.

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For Colorado Statutes regarding owning a gun, open carry laws, Concealed Handgun Permits, etc. You can take a look at the statutes on the Colorado CBI website

Handgun Age Requirements

The Current Minimum Age to BUY a handgun is 21.

You must also be a Colorado resident in order to buy a handgun.

Long Gun (Rifle) Age Requirements

The current minimum age to BUY a rifle is 18

You do NOT need to be a Colorado Resident to buy a long gun. However, due to the laws of some states, we simply will not sell you a Gun.  

Proof of Residency Requirements to Buy a Gun in CO

Colorado Residents

 A valid Colorado Driver License or I.D. Card with your current address is all you need to prove residency for buying a gun. If your address does NOT match what is on your Identification, you must provide a second government issued document, such as valid auto registration from the CO DMV, or Tax Returns, etc.



Military with Out of State ID

 If you are military do not have Colorado Identification, A copy of your PCS orders and your current driver license from any of the 50 US states will provide proof of your residency (even CA).


Non-Resident Aliens

You will need to bring your green card or other documentation with you.


California Residents

 Due to strict laws and steps needed to transfer a gun, We will NOT sell or transfer ANY guns to California. We’re very sorry. Please write your representatives.

If you now live in Colorado, you should get Colorado Identification. 

PHEW! Now that you’re legally of age to buy a gun and can prove your residency, It’s time to buy a firearm from an FFL Dealer. 

How to Buy a Gun From an FFL Dealer in Colorado (Preferably Acme Pawn)

All Gun Stores are required by law to be licensed FFL Dealers. 

Since you have your firearm of choice picked out, Acme Pawn (the FFL Dealer) will have you fill out the ATF form 4473. 

The ATF form 4473 data will be checked by an employee before submitting electronically in the CBI Instacheck system. 

Once your information has been submitted, we typically have your approval/denial within 20 minutes.(Wait times vary depending on CBI. If there is a spike in sales, background checks can take a day or longer)

 If you’re approved, Congrats! You may leave with your new firearm.  

IF you think you may be denied, or are unsure if you can qualify to purchase a gun, see below.

What can Cause Me to be Denied a Gun in a Colorado CBI Background Check?


  • If you have felony on your record

  •  If you have a WARRANT for your arrest

  • If you have a court order restraining you from harassing, stalking or threatening your child or intimate partner or child of such partner

Reasons an FFL Dealer will Deny you a Gun Purchase

  • If you smell of Alcohol, you will be refused a gun purchase. You cannot be under the influence when buying a firearm. 
  • If you smell of Marijuana, you will be refused a gun purchase. Marijuana may be legal in Colorado, but it is illegal at the federal level.  You are filling out a Federal form to purchase a gun in CO. Suspicion of a person under the influence is enough for us to refuse a gun sale.
  • If you seem suspicious and we have any reason to believe you may be under the influence of any kind of substance, you will be refused a gun purchase. 

I was denied by CBI, and I don't have a record. What do I do now!

A few things can cause a denial on the purchase of a Firearm in Colorado. Sometimes, It might be a simple mistake of identity with another person and can be appealed with CBI. Even if this is the case, We would NOT be able to sell a gun to you until CBI clears you. You would need to contact CBI for the paperwork to appeal the denial. 


Private Firearms Sales in CO : person to person gun sales

All private gun sales in Colorado MUST conduct a CBI Background check through a licensed FFL Dealer.

Don’t risk losing YOUR gun rights by selling a gun illegally in CO.

Protect yourself and have the background check done with us. 

A Small fee will apply to process the transaction for you. We only charge $20 out the door

Can I Buy a Gun as a gift?

Yes, you can buy a gun as a gift for an IMMEDIATE family member in your same household, i.e. father, son, wife. This means you can fill out the form 4473 and take home the gifted gun with you. 

If you want to buy a firearm for a family member, or anyone who is not immediate family in your household, you may pay for the gun and we will hold the gun until the person comes down personally do do their own background check. 

STRAW PURCHASES: Attempting to purchase a firearm for someone else who legally cannot own or possess a weapon is illegal. If someone has asked you to buy a gun for them, and does not meet the Immediate family guideline —DON’T. We will contact the proper authorities if we feel you are attempting a straw purchase.


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For Colorado Statutes regarding owning a gun, open carry laws, Concealed Handgun Permits, etc. You can take a look at the statutes on the Colorado CBI website